November GRG Connections

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Issue 5            Volume 5          

November is National Caregivers Month! 

We strongly recognize all CAREGIVERS who offer compassionate care to others. As a caregiver, one knows the meaning of perseverance and unconditional love. A caregiver goes above and beyond their strength, time and energy. Their job is not an easy one and providing care to a loved one in need can be exhausting work around the clock for days, weeks, months as well as stretching into many years.

More than 70 million people in the United States provide care for a family member or friend. The typical family caregiver is a 49-year-old woman caring for her widowed 69-year-old mother who does not live with her. More than 37% of caregivers have children or grandchildren under 18-years-old living with them.

In Palm Beach County, there are nearly 9,000 grandparents raising grandchildren.

As we observe national caregivers month, we hope all our caregivers will take a moment or two, or a day or a week if possible, for themselves to enjoy their personal pleasures in life. Awarding oneself cycles back the gift of giving. Enjoy life’s treasures and give the gift of giving to yourself this month and always.  You deserve it!

Treasures and gifts are found everywhere:            

  • Enjoy an ice cream cone because you deserve the best flavor of the month.
  • Take time to be creative, because you deserve to express your wonderful ideas.
  • Relax in your backyard or at a park because you deserve a quiet moment to yourself.
  • Buy a special item for yourself because you deserve to be rewarded for being you.
  • Take a vacation or mini vacation because you deserve time away to take care of you.

Find your treasures that are meaningful and take time to give the gift of giving to yourself!

We appreciate all caregivers for their never ending, caring, generosity.

“The true strength of the American family finds its roots in an unwavering commitment to care for one another.”
President Barack Obama, 2009’s NFC Proclamation

Sources: National Family Caregivers Association – website

Caregiving in the United States;
National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP; November 2009

The Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service/University of Florida, has started a program for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Florida has approximately 258,982 grandparents raising grandchildren, one of the highest percentage rates in the United States.


PUZZLE: Fill in the blank with the appropriate words used from one of your workshops!!!!!!!!

  1. I have an important ____________ in life.
  2. Grand-parenting a child who has come out of a _______ is hard work.
  3. A child who has been emotionally hurt might __________________ from family and others.
  4. A child who is hit, will____________ or act out frequently.
  5. An excellent way to get a child to behave nicely is to focus on his____________ and praise his positive behavior continuously.
  6. Hitting, yelling and lying to a child only encourages the child to ____________ to you and others.
  7. Kids who misbehave may be ________________for help.
  8. For every 1 negative statement, you should use 10 _______________statements.
  9. To help develop positive self-esteem in your grandchild, use more _______& _______  than don’ts & no’s.

Your answers are:  1. Purpose.  2. Crisis.  3. Withdraw.  4. Misbehave.  5. Strengths.  6. Hit, yell & lie.  7.  Crying out.  8.  Positive.  9.  Do’s & yeses.


Excerpts from Boundaries with Kids

by Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend

  •  “We parent in the present without thinking about the future.  But one goal of parenting is to keep an eye on the future.”  Pages 14 & 15
  •  “Adults with boundary problems had not developed those problems as grown-ups.  They had learned patterns early in life and then continued those out-of-control patterns in their adult lives, where the stakes were higher.” Pages 16 & 17


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