November GRG Connections

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Issue 17                              Volume 17

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the abundance that surrounds our lives and to be thankful for the differences in our families.

How to Spend Enjoyable Time Together at Thanksgiving!  Excerpted from Family Treasures by Drs. Nick Stinnett and John DeFrain

One of the characteristics of a strong family is spending enjoyable time together.

Take a few minutes to see how you think you’re doing on spending enjoyable time together as a family.  Place an “S” for Strength beside the qualities you feel your family has achieved.  Place a “G” for Growth beside those qualities that are an area for potential Growth.  Place an “NA” for not applicable, if the particular characteristic does not apply to your family or is not a characteristic that is important to you. Researchers have found that strong families eat, play, work, and share outside activities together! 

In Our Family. . .

_____ We have a number of common interests.

_____ We like to have fun together.

_____ We enjoy trying out new activities together.

_____ We feel strongly connected with each other.

_____ We often laugh with each other.

_____ We enjoy hearing our grandparents’ stories about the past.

_____ Practicing family rituals and customs is important to us.

_____ We enjoy having unplanned, spontaneous activities with each other.

_____ All things considered, we have adequate time for each other, and we enjoy the time we share together.

The strength of a family lies in its diversity. A family’s exceptional individuals gather together to share and reflect their uniqueness (good and bad) we all share the meal, clean the dishes, tell stories, laugh and roll our eyes.  We leave the abundance with feelings of: “Wouldn’t it be nice to belong to a normal family – just for once”. Every family is somewhat normal; every family has its unique characters that add to the spice of the abundance!

We wish all grandparent families’ a very peaceful Thanksgiving and an enjoyable time together.



Written in 2003 by a 7-year-old Grandson in Delray Beach, FL.  Just discovered in 2012 by his Grandfather.

I was a hero when my mom was on chemotherapy for Hepatitis C.   She was walking with a cane and I helped her up when she fell.  And whenever I went to Pop and Grandma’s house I never fussed about it, I just went.  When it happened I was 4 and I was still in pre-school.  I was really sad when my mom went on chemotherapy because she was always getting hurt and all that kind of stuff.  I massaged her back whenever it hurt.  And she felt really happy when I did it.  My mom was walking with a cane, and her back was always hurting and I told her I loved her every day.  That made her happy.  In preschool it was hard for me because almost every day I was absent and helping my mom.  Almost every day I had a babysitter.  And sometimes it was hard because I missed my mom and she missed me.  And she had to go to the hospital lots of times.  My friends always asked me why I wasn’t at school and I said my mom was taking medicine.  I put myself to sleep every night because my mom went to sleep at night at 5 or 6 and I went to sleep at 8.  It was hard to play because my mom always was asleep and she didn’t let me out.  But, sometimes my mom let some friends come in. My mom is very special because she got through it and I love her very much.


The GRandS Program would like to introduce you to a new group starting called:

Sandwich Generation Support Group or (SGSG)

The Sandwich Generation: a term used to describe heroes that care for aging family members while also supporting their own children and families.

SGSG: Sandwich Generation Support Group is a free local support group for (non-professional) caregivers by (non-professional) caregivers. Take some “me” time while proactively learning from others in a similar situation sharing experiences and wisdom.

Our guest EXPERTS speak at the monthly meetings in the fields critical to elder care — from aging in general to legal, medical, and financial issues. This group meets twice a month, once in ENGLISH and once in SPANISH.  We can help arrange respite care for you to break away from your loved ones through a reputable Palm Beach County agency.

Statistics show that most caregivers become sick while taking care of their aging family members.  Often times,the stress levels lead to deteriorating health for themselves.  Learn to combat the uncharted waters together, feel supported and know where to turn to for the right answers.

If you or your co-workers get sick and take time off supporting this responsibility, we can help. Call us to set up meetings at your place of business.

Are you or someone you know in this situation?  Please tell them about our circle of fellowship.  The Sandwich Generation, where neighbors become friends and friends become family!

Please visit our website for times, location and dates:


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