June GRG Connections

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Issue 12              Volume 12

HURRICANE SEASON…….Are You Prepared??????

Disasters create challenges for older adults and caregivers.  In addition to the planning and basic disaster supply kit that everyone needs, you may need to make special plans.

  • Make lists and put your needs and the needs of the person(s) you care for in writing.
  • Let family, friends, and neighbors know what you need and where you will be if you plan to stay in a shelter.
  • Keep extra supplies (batteries, food, medications, money, etc.) on hand.
  • Write down:  1) emergency contact information and transportation plan; 2) detailed medical information; 3) doctors’ names, numbers, and whom to notify; and 4) medical insurance and Medicare information  E.g. Medications, allergies etc.

Taken from Disaster Planning Tips for Senior Adults by Carolyn Wilken at  http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/FY620


Dear Margret Corner:

GRG’s Eyes Opened on Claiming Grandchild on Tax Returns

Dear Margret:  My adult son and his daughter (my granddaughter) live with me.  I pay for most of the clothing, expenses, food, housing, and schooling.  When I did my son’s taxes this year, I claimed my granddaughter on his tax return and not mine because I thought I could not claim her.  Am I correct?

Margret:  If they live in your home and you are paying for most of the clothing, food, expenses for the child, you have the option of claiming the grandchild on your taxes. Discuss the situation with your son and see who will have the better tax benefit. Only one of you can claim the child.


KH from Delray Beach wrote about the GRandS workshops….

“These classes open our minds and hearts to be of more help to our family.  There was not enough time.”

“We need more time and more classes.  These classes are vital to our life in raising our grandchildren.”

Thank You KH for your kind words!


Do You know what your kids R texting????????

See if you can decipher these teen’s messages to each other.

 Teen 1:  PRT  2nite  W/  \ %/  SPST  @  FOAF

Teen 2:  CTN  PIR  TMB  L8R  KPC

 To find out what this conversation means

 Join us @ your GRG location

 Call 561-233-1742 to RSVP


A GRG Grandmother Picks Up Her Son from Prison

By MAR, a WPB Grandmother

Sorry to say I will miss this GRG meeting as today is “pick up” day for my son’s release from prison.  It will be a long day, so hold me in your thoughts and prayers.

It will start with me arriving there at 8:30am with clothes to put on his nakedness, shoes for his bare feet and a smile on my face.  Once they deliver his civvies to him and process him out, we will head for the nearest restaurant so he can eat good, normal food to his heart’s content.

Next we’re off to the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s office as he must register as a convict and list our current address.  Then off to the phone store to turn his phone on (Oh yes, I must not forget to have his phone all charged and ready and pull some money out of his bank account for his empty wallet.)

Then to the Social Security Office to get his disability checks restarted.  Usually a two hour wait at SSA, so he can use that time to answer all his phone mail messages from the last 10 months, then notify all his friends he is out and done with his imprisonment.

While he is there, I can begin my normal pick up of grandchildren at schools and he can call me when he is done at SSA.  By this time he probably has found that little convenience store near the SSA office and bought some cigarettes, something I refused to bring with me this morning.  That or he will be chewing a big wad of tobacco!  If there is enough time left in the business day we will be off to the Food Stamp office so he can get food stamps and request his medical coverage be resumed as well.  If it is after 4PM, we’ll have to wait till the morning and drop him off there after I get his daughter/my granddaughter to school.

Next, he has to check into South County Mental Health Unit so he can get to see a psychiatrist, his counselor, get his medications, see his case worker and get a bus pass.  They will help him with long term housing (They pay for the first 6 months in a half-way house.).  He has a place to stay near me for the first week or so until South County can place him.

Yes, as soon as possible, he needs to be able to attend his AA meetings and get a sponsor.  I’d hoped he could process through the new Homeless Coalition that originally was suppose to be available in March, but it will not open until June or July 2012.


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