July GRG Connections

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Issue 13           Volume 13             

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  GRG Connections turns 1-year old this month! 

Since April 2011 The GRandS Project has helped 137 grandparents.

In the past 16 months these 137 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren have attended 80 educational workshops in the 5 PBC GRG locations.

We are so excited to be able to share this milestone with all of you!  We want to thank everyone involved for making the GRandS program a success!

First and foremost, we want to thank all the amazing Grandparents Raising Grandchildren who attend our monthly workshops.  Your care, devotion and love in raising your grandchildren are truly inspirational.

Next, we want to thank all the Palm Beach County Churches, Community Centers, and Town Halls that continue to help us spread the word about the importance of the program to all the people in their communities.

We also want to acknowledge the following agencies and organizations for the invaluable support, resources and services they provide the grandparents:  4 Kids of South Florida, 211, American Association of Caregiving Youth, The Arc of PBC, Area Agency on Aging, all of the Bridges, Comprehensive AIDS Program of PBC, Children’s Services Council, The Chrysalis Center, Department of Children & Families, Family Caregiver Coalition, Family Central, Families First of PBC, The Foster Adoptive Parent Association, Florida KidCare, Head Start, The Legal Aid Society of PBC, MorseLife, The Parent Child Center, Pediatric Partners, Solid Waste Authority, and the PBC Youth Affairs Division/Youth Services Bureau.


Dear Margret Corner:

Dear Margret:  I want legal custody of my 2-year old grandson and his mother (my daughter) is in agreement.  The father’s name is not on the birth certificate and we do not know what town or state he is in.  Does my daughter have the lawful right to sign my grandson over to me without the father’s consent?

Margret:   No, your daughter does NOT have the lawful right to individually sign her son over to you without the father’s consent. The legal steps to take are listed below.  However make sure to check your state’s requirement for such cases.

How to file for custody if you can’t find the child’s father:

  1. Obtain an appropriate petition form from the clerk of the court.
  2. Complete the petition form & file it with the clerk of the court.
  3. Request from the clerk of the court an affidavit of service of publication. The publication is the “legal notice” advertised in a local newspaper announcing the case.
  4. Complete the affidavit. Sign it in front of a notary.
  5. File the affidavit with the clerk of the court.
  6. Obtain a sample form for the newspaper legal notice of the case.
  7. Complete legal notice
  8. Submit legal notice to the newspaper three consecutive times.
  9. Obtain a copy of the notice from the newspaper for verification purposes.
  10. File the legal notice with the clerk of the court.
  11.  Obtain a form motion for custody from the clerk of the court. Complete form and file with court clerk.
  12. Request a hearing on the motion for custody.
  13. Attend the hearing and request a default judgment on the motion because you do not know the whereabouts of the father, and you did the correct service by providing a publication in the local newspaper.


“Disclaimer:  This publication is provided for informational purposes only as a public service.  Palm Beach County (County) does not endorse any company or entity, product or service referenced herein, nor does it assume any liability for the accuracy of the information provided.  The opinions expressed within the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the County’s policy, opinions or view points.  The County presents content as objectively as possible to ensure accuracy of information.  However, the County is not liable to the viewer as a result of any claim, loss, damages or expenses, direct or consequential, suffered by the viewer due to their reliance or use of the information in this newsletter.”


A GRandS Success Story!

After participating in the GRandS Project workshop on discipline, I have learned how to develop house rules for my three grandchildren.

The grandchildren are now beginning to respond with less behavioral outbursts.  The house rules have helped us develop and maintain a more stabilized routine.

Looking forward to attending the next workshop.



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