April GRG Connections

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Issue 10       Volume 10

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Godefrieda Alfred of the Delray Beach GRG Group

Recommends reading:

The Sacred Work of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

by Elaine K. Williams.

Godefrieda says, “It should be required reading for all grandparents.  It’s fantastic!  It validates everything we have been learning in our GRandS workshops.”


All 4 copies are currently checked out.


April 22-28 is TV Turn-Off WEEK…….OH NO!

NOOO…. How could America do this?

NOOOOOOOO……not my cartoons!

NOOO…….not my 4 after school programs!

NOOOOOOO not my nightly news! Sorry grandparents!

What could happen if the television gets unplugged?

 You’ll be happy to know….well your kids will be happy to know….. doing things together as a family can be fun and make meaningful times and positive memories. Besides, it’s only for a week. What could happen? Why not try it? 

Here are some suggestions of activities to do with your grandkids instead of watching TV during TV Turn off week:

  1.  Have them read their favorite stories to you. This will help build academic, social, leadership and theatrical skills.
  2. Have the older kids make dinner while you watch & help when needed – even if it is fresh fruit, peanut butter & crackers and a glass of milk or tea. This helps develop creative imagination, independence and giving.
  3. Have them write or draw pictures of animals they like and would like to know more about; then take them to the library to learn more. This builds interests, knowledge and perseverance in all ages.
  4. Get out the board games or playing cards and teach them your favorite games. Remember children like games if they are allowed to win every now and then! Adolescents and older children will play all night if there is an incentive to win – like not having to do the dishes for a night or whatever the goal may be. This builds cooperation, problem solving, negotiation and critical thinking skills.
  5. Have an on-going puzzle laid out. Work as a family to find all the pieces and assemble the puzzle. This goes well with relaxing music and calming conversations about everyone’s day. This bonding provides sharing of ideas, builds listening skills as well as analyzing shapes, colors and spaces to work together.
  6. Make a tent in the living room for the week.  Use it only for eating popcorn, flashlights and telling ghost stories. Each family member gets to tell a story – make it up. Someone starts the story, talks for 3-5 minutes and then each person adds to the story until everyone has had a chance to speak. The last person can either end the story or start over with everyone again. Whoever is speaking gets to hold the flashlight. Everyone else must be quiet and listen. This builds creativity, listening and imagination skills along with learning to share, impulse control and recognizing each member’s intellectual skills as contributing to the family.
  7. Go for a walk and see how many fun and interesting things everyone can find along the way.
  8.  Get out the photo albums and go through them. This gives children a strong bond of where they come from and where they belong.
  9. Have a talent show – YES…..this means you grandparents as well! Kids love it when granny and gramps show their lively side; actually they would rather watch you all night than have to perform themselves. Everyone has talent so get up and show them how to boogie, play an instrument, recite a poem or balance a spoon on your nose. Everyone likes to show off their skills. A talent show will allow everyone to express themselves and teaches children to communicate their feelings in positive, fun ways.

The possibilities are endless for a fun week off from the TV. For more ideas we have the Family Fun Night book in our lending library for all of you to look through and get ideas of what will work for your family.

Remember to have fun, accept everyone’s ideas and respect each other’s talents and skills.

No competition allowed…….just family fun!!


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