GRandS/GRG Local Resources

PLEASE NOTE:  The resources listed below are for grandparents raising their grandchildren in Palm Beach County.  Grandparents living outside Palm Beach County or the state of Florida will need to contact their local and state agencies for resources to assist them.  


AACY is the national resource for the support of children who care for family members who are ill, injured, elderly or disabled. It works to: increase awareness about youth caregiving; foster the replication of the Caregiving Youth Project; provide support services for student-caregivers and their families; and, ultimately to establish the Caregiving Youth Institute.  The ultimate goal of AACY is for all caregiving youth to be able to complete their education and become healthy, productive adults; no child in the US to drop out of school because of family caregiving responsibilities.

  • Connie Siskowski, President and Founder
  • American Association of Caregiving Youth
  • 1515 N. Federal Highway, Suite 214
  • Boca Raton, Florida 33432
  • Phone:  561-391-7401
  • Toll Free:  800-725-2512
  • Fax:  561-416-7213
  • Website:


The Arc of Palm Beach County is a not-for-profit, independently funded agency providing services, education and advocacy for children and adults who have developmental disabilities and their families.  Founded in 1958, The Arc’s programs serve more than 2,300 families each year throughout Palm Beach County.

  • The Arc of Palm Beach County
  • 1201 Australian Avenue
  • Riviera Beach, Florida 33404-6635
  • Phone:  561-842-3213
  • Fax:  561-863-4352
  • Website:


Kinship Connections is here to assist kinship caregivers with understanding, navigating and accessing the system of care for children adjudicated dependent by our foster care system, and to reduce the barriers faced when services need to be accessed.

Kinship Connection Principals and Philosophy

Respond to kinship caregivers’ need for information in key service areas, including:

  1. Financial assistance, tangibles, childcare, legal issues, physical therapy, medical and mental health, education and other support services.
  2. Maintain a strength-based, supportive role, not offer another form of case management.
  3. Provide caregiver outreach, as well as community education and public awareness
  4. Span the boundaries between formal and informal systems of care.
  5. Share knowledge and maintain strong links to formal system resources while operating outside of the system, with flexibility to respond to diverse needs and advocate for individual caregiver concerns.
  6. Identify and help respond to kinship care system gaps.
  •  Coleen LaCosta, Kinship Connections Program Director
  • The Foster Adoptive Parents Association
  • 4100 Okeechobee Boulevard
  • West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
  • Phone:  561-352-2540
  • Fax:  561-352-2544
  • Website:


“Families First of Palm Beach County is a county-wide nonprofit with six unique programs. Our mission is to create a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for families and their children through innovative practices. Our Kin Support Project  provides supportive services to grandparents raising their grandchildren. Kin Support Project: facilitates relative caregiver support groups; provides comprehensive social work services to address health, financial, educational, emotional, social and legal concerns; conducts home and community visits; and provides school advocacy and supportive counseling.

  • Denise Chin, LCSW, Program Director – Kin Support Project & TOPWA
  • Families First of PBC
  • 3333 Forest Hill Boulevard, 2nd Floor
  • West Palm Beach, FL 33406
  • PH: 561-721-2887
  • Website:


The RELATIVE CAREGIVERS PROJECT through the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc. ensures safety and stability of children by providing legal services to individuals who have relative children (a niece, nephew, grandchild, or sibling) in their physical care due to the absence of the child’s parent.  We also provide information and referrals for childcare, support services in the community, and links to funding resources to help eligible clients care for their loved ones.  SERVICES WE PROVIDE ARE:  Temporary Legal Custody, Limited Power of Attorney, Adoption, Guardian Advocacy, and Pre-Need Guardianship.

  • Judith Migdal-Mack, Attorney
  • Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County
  • 423 Fern Street, Suite 200
  • West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
  • Phone:  561-655-8944 X275
  • Fax:  561-655-5269
  • Website:


MorseLife is a nationally recognized charitable nonprofit organization with a campus in West Palm Beach, serving as a center of excellence for seniors.

MorseLife’s Just Checking Program offers family caregiver support, educational, and resource groups throughout the area  including  groups for grandparents raising their grandchildren.  Just Checking also offers specialized groups for caregivers coping with specific diseases or aging issues.  In addition, we offer care management, guidance, counsel, and referral to families challenged by these issues.

Please call to find out about  locations, days and times of our groups or more information about our services.

  • Ronney Wiener, Coordinator – Support Groups
  • MorseLife
  • 4920 Loring Drive
  • West Palm Beach, Florida 33417
  • Phone:  561-209-6174 OR 561-289-8578
  • Website:


“Disclaimer:  This publication is provided for informational purposes only as a public service.  Palm Beach County (County) does not endorse any company or entity, product or service referenced herein, nor does it assume any liability for the accuracy of the information provided.  The opinions expressed within the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the County’s policy, opinions or view points.  The County presents content as objectively as possible to ensure accuracy of information.  However, the County is not liable to the viewer as a result of any claim, loss, damages or expenses, direct or consequential, suffered by the viewer due to their reliance or use of the information in this newsletter.”




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