From the GRandS Book Shelf

The adult and children’s book titles listed below are from the GRandS/GRG Book List.  This page will be updated on a regular basis with new titles for your consideration.  When you read one of these books, please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment on this page.  Happy Reading Everyone and Enjoy!

Need Help with Discipline?  Consider reading!

1-2-3 Magic:  Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D.  (ISBN-10: 1-889140-43-8 OR ISBN-13: 978-1-889140-43-8)

This brand-new 4th Edition of this evidence-based program has been expanded to allow for over three dozen reader-suggested improvements.  Also included are new chapters, such as Kids, Tweens, & Tech, new illustrations, 1-2-3 Magic stories, resources for further reading, research on 1-2-3 Magic and an expanded index.  With humor, keen insight and proven experience, Dr. Phelan breaks down the task of parenting into three straightforward jobs:  Job #1 – Controlling Obnoxious Behavior; Job #2 – Encouraging Good Behavior; and Job #3 – Strengthening Your Relationships.


Feeling All Alone in Raising Your Grandchildren?  Check out this book from your library or click on the book title link directly below and get the book from the author!

The Sacred Work of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren by Elaine K.Williams (ISBN:  978-1-4525-3675-0 [soft copy] OR ISBN:  978-1-4525-3676-7 [hard copy])

You are not alone if you are among the staggering number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren!  Are you confused by the generational gaps, difficult conversations, and tough questions like, “Why are my parents so old?  Why is my father in jail?  Why doesn’t my mother show up to visit when she promised?”  The Sacred Work of Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren is the first book that contains answers and stories to address these unique issues and challenges—from one grandparent to another.  You’ll enjoy the practical suggestions on how grandchildren can manage and solve some of their own problems, while learning how to cope with your own distinctive challenges during this phase of your life.  Whether you are a parenting grandparent, a kinship caregiver, a teacher, or a social service worker, you must read this book for invaluable insight.  No other book takes on the complex challenges that parenting grandparents face with such depth and truth.  How relieved and grateful you’ll be for the inspiration, knowledge and wisdom by the time you reach the conclusion!


Several of our grandparents have enjoyed reading the book below and say it has helped them find some comfort and relief!

When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us:  Letting Go of Their Problems, Loving Them Anyway, and Getting on with Our Lives by Jane Adams, Ph.D.  (ISBN-13:  978-0-7432-3282-4 OR ISBN-10  0-7432-3281-X)

In this groundbreaking book, best-selling author and social psychologist Jane Adams, Ph.D., confronts parents’ deepest concerns about their grown children who have failed to thrive.  With warmth, sensitivity, and hard-won wisdom, she delivers a positive life-affirming message to those who have let their children’s grievances and needs threaten their own security, health, marriages, careers, or future plans:  Start getting on with your life instead of waiting for them to figure out theirs!  Dr. Adams show parents how to separate from their adult kids’ problems without separating from them; how to deal with guilt and self-blame; and how to accept the loss of their dreams for their children in order to get on with their own second adulthood.  Only by freeing their offspring from the burden of their own disappointments can parents liberate both generations to get on with their lives and support each other in their quests for happiness.


How about a children’s illustrated book on expressing their emotions and feelings?  See below!

The Way I Feel – Written and Illustrated by Janan Cain  (ISBN:  1-884734-71-5)

A Note to Parents from Janan Cain.  Among my children’s favorite books are word books.  My children love these books because, through words, these books give them a language, and through language, a better way to interact with the world around them.  Emotions are an important aspect of that world, yet few word books do for emotions what many word books do for the physical world.

In this spirit I have created The Way I Feel, a book designed to give children the language for their emotions.  My hope is that with language, children will be better equipped to understand and express their feelings.  In reading this book to your children, I’d like to offer these suggestions.

  1. Ask your child what circumstances make him or her feel happy, sad, jealous, and so on.
  2. Discuss how to deal with emotions.  (“If you’re angry, it’s not okay to hit or throw things, but it is okay to stomp your feet. . . . .If you’re sad, tell someone how you feel and ask for what you need.”)
  3. Talk about what actions or steps could be taken to change the circumstances leading to a feeling your child doesn’t like.
  4. Practice noticing and naming feelings by asking your child how he or she feels at different times throughout the day.  Discuss the differences in emotions that may seem similar, such as sad and bored, or jealous and mad, or happy and excited.


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