GRandS/GRG Program Endorsements

About:  The program employs research and evidence based curriculum.  Our grandparents come from urban and rural areas and participate in any of 5 sites throughout Palm Beach County. Each workshop is 2-3 hours long with some having a brown-bag lunch itinerary. Each site has an MSW on staff to help with personal and private situations. Workshops are conducted with a final de-briefing for grandparents to reflect their feelings and concerns they might be experiencing.

What Grandparents Say They LIKE BEST About the GRandS/GRG Workshops

  • Relaxed atmosphere, friendliness of instructors, interesting topics.
  • Everyone shared on things that I identify with.  The information I received can help me right now.
  • All topics discussed were very helpful and some very good eye openers.  Thank you for being here!  I just want to personally thank you for being able to start an evening meeting.  My husband was very impressed and plans to attend each one of them with me.  I don’t think that he realized just how many people are in our same situation.  See you next month.
  • Each person was allowed to express their view – there was no wrong or right.
  • Interchange of ideas and what we gained by other viewpoints and experiences.
  • The workshop addressed problems which I have dealt with, or am still dealing with.  It was well presented.
  • 2 co-leaders are very caring individuals.  They make grandparents feel very comfortable and at ease.  They do a wonderful job.
  • Presented in language that I could understand.
  • Interaction with others in the same situation.  Some good ideas mentioned.  Very helpful – keep up the good work – glad to hear of reading material available and resources.
  • Finding out how similar others’ problems are to mine and how to deal with them.
  • Personalities of the two facilitators are warm and welcoming.  Always a pleasure to be here.

Please Call (561) 233-1742

For GRandS/GRG Workshop Dates and Locations

in Palm Beach County


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