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Grandparents Attend  Turn on the Light Conference

October 16, 2014

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From left to right:  Grace Ray and Maryanne Adornetto – West Palm Beach Grandparents, Reta Chisholm – Jupiter Grandparent, Mildred Edwards and Veronica Bowleg – Delray Beach Grandparents at the Turn on the Light Conference Luncheon.

These GRandS Program Grandparents attended the one-day Turn on the Light Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.  There were 360 registered attendees including professionals, volunteers, guardians, and grandparents raising their grandchildren.  27 organizations and businesses including the GRandS Program shared information and resources about local programs, services, and products.  The grandparents got to choose from 18 different workshops to attend that were relevant to the health, safety, and well-being of children and families


A Tribute to Rose Cunningham

September 2014


It is my honor to tribute our GRandS blog page to Rose Cunningham, GRG. Rose and her husband Earl attended our very first meeting back in 2011. Since then Rose has graced us with her presence and her beautiful “IRISH” spirit every time she par-took in any of our workshops.  Rose made us laugh, gave us lessons on children, family and husbands. Rose contributed great ideas to the group along with her smiling, loud sarcasm and friendship! Rose was dedicated to her family, children, grandchildren and in helping anyone with similar situations.  Rose and her smile will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Rose!

Sue Bartolomeo, GRandS Program Coordinator

 It is with great sadness that Angie and I learned about the passing of Rose. We have known Rose for over five years and there wasn’t one time that we met that Rose didn’t have a smile and a nice thing to say. Whenever anyone mentions Rose , it is always with great admiration for the enormous job she has done with her family. She was well liked and loved by all who were lucky enough to know her. We will miss her laugh, her smile and her wonderful sense of humor. God Bless the family.

Judith Migdal-Mack, Esquire, The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., The Relative Caregivers Project

In March 2011, Rose and Earl Cunningham were the first two grandparents raising grandchildren (GRG) to attend the GRandS Program workshop meeting.  Since that date, they have attended the workshops regularly.  We always enjoyed seeing Rose show up to the meetings.  She had a personality larger than life.  Rose was sassy and had a wicked sense of humor.  God bless you Rose, and your devotion to your grandchildren.  It is not going to be the same without you.

Lisa Cunningham, GRandS Program Assistant


GRandS GRG Graduation


April 9, 2014

West Palm Beach Day GRGs graduate from the EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Program) course which teaches nutrition, food preparation and food management to families.  The course was presented by Joyce Sookram (EFNEP Nutrition Educator at the PBC Cooperative Extension).  From left to right are:  Joyce Sookram, Angela Knowles, Palmira Torres, Maryanne Adornetto, Theophilus Willie, Ianthe Patrica Henry, and Betty Gordon.  Congratulations GRGs!


A GRandS Coalition Begins


 February 28, 2014

GRandS GRGs meet and begin to discuss the formation of a GRG Coalition in Palm Beach County.

Front Row L to R: Reta Chisholm, Sue Bartolomeo – GRandS Program Coordinator, Palmira Torres,  Betty Gordon, Ianthe Patricia Henry, and Bernard McPhee.

Back Row L to R: Ronney Wiener – LSCW with MorseLife, Dr. Larry Forthun and Dr. Kate Fogarty of University of Florida, Maryanne Adornetto, Lisa Cunningham –  GRandS Program Assistant, Peggy Dorvil – University of Florida Graduate Assistant, Kris Boodram, and Catherine Clark.


GRandS Program Featured at May 2013 National CYFAR Conference in Washington D.C.


The GRandS Program was one of the featured exhibitors at this year’s National CYFAR (Children, Youth, and Families At Risk) Conference in Washington, D.C.  It was one of the more popular exhibits and drew lots of attention!

CYFAR Program Coordinator, Sue Bartolomeo, and Program Assistant, Lisa Cunningham, answered many questions, and passed out program brochures to the conference attendees from across the United States.

Since returning to West Palm Beach, FL, Sue and Lisa have been contacted by Extension Agents from Colorado State University, Kansas State University, University of Tennessee, and West Virginia University about how they can set up a similar program at their extension office.


GRandS Program Featured at the 2013 South Florida Fair!

The GRandS Program was featured at the South Florida Fair from January 18 to February 3, 2013 in the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Building #4 on the fair grounds.  We want to thank all the grandparents who stopped by and spoke with us.

The GRandS Program was featured at the South Florida Fair from January 18 to February 3, 2013 in the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Building #4 on the fair grounds. We want to thank all the grandparents who stopped by and spoke with us.

GRandS Program Update Presentation at the State-Wide EPAF Conference

Orlando , Florida

August 29, 2012

CYFAR Program Coordinator, Sue Bartolomeo, did a presentation of the GRandS Program at the state-wide EPAF (Extension Professional Associates of Florida) Conference.

Extension professionals from all the Florida counties attended the conference to learn about what other extension professionals are doing in their county and how their program is working.

Other National GRandS Presentations

  • 2012 Presentation workshop of the GRandS Program to the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) in Arizona
  • 2011 Presentation workshop of the GRandS Program at the Children Youth & Families at Risk (CYFAR) Conference in Chicago, Illinois

2012 Regional GRandS Displays and Exhibits

  • South Florida Fair, FCS
  • Luncheon for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and local agencies
  • True Fast Outreach Ministries Health Fair
  • Delray Beach Health Fair
  • Westgate Recreational Center Resource Fair

2011 Regional GRandS Displays and Exhibits

  • Resource Fair for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • South Florida Fair
  • EPAF (Extension Professional Associates of Florida) Conference
  • Black Chamber Health Fair
  • 1st Annual Resource Fair of Bridges at Riviera Beach
  • Westgate Resource Fair
  • Christmas in July Dinner and Presentation at the Boynton Beach Presbyterian Church
  • Extended Hands Community Outreach Health Fair
  • National Grandparents Day Celebration in Riviera Beach

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  1. Carmen & Michael West

    Good Morning GRandS Program,

    We have good news and bad news. Good news is that our Daughter Elizabeth, Brandon’s mother, returned to Florida with us in June. She has been clean and sober for more than a year and she and Brandon lived with us briefly and now live on their own since November. She has become engaged to a wonderful guy who had been helping us take care of Brandon in her absence. They are working with a lawyer to try to reverse the Primary Care Parent back to her. His father is still drinking and using various drugs and has his parents snowed. They tried to file for custody of Brandon and have dropped that suit. The other Grandparents have bought a house in St. Augustine and are in the processing of moving from Texas. They are pushing to have Brandon attend the school for the Deaf and Blind so that he will get some help with his sight. Things have been taken out of our hands and we are trying to be supportive to him in whatever way we can. We pray a lot.

    Thank you for all that you do for Grandparents but especially for the children. Please keep us on your mailing list so that we can pass on to others the wonderful work that you do.

    God Bless you All,

    Carmen & Michael West

  2. Angela Knowles

    I personally love it and think it’s a fantastic work of art. I am so blessed by the blog and the wonderful experience that you get from each other. Glad to learn that our dear friend is recovering from her surgery and in such good spirits. God bless all of you. You are my family. Well, I love you all and miss you like I do my family.

  3. Jeanelayne

    Marchman Act .. SUCCESS ! My daughter did not show up for court today .. “car troubles on I-95” .. although she did not answer the phone when the judge tried to contact her. I was able to call DAF from the courthouse and ask questions as to where we stand. He stated that she will have to start the assessment process all over, and that was almost the end of the hearing. Luckily, I had brought all the paperwork we’ve accumulated to this point and was able to read back a paragraph of one of the previous “orders” in which there were items stipulated that had not been followed and that changed everything. The judgement today is that the court is ordering her to be picked up by the sheriff’s department .. ASAP. She will go to jail. She will have an opportunity, at her “first appearance”, to choose jail time or treatment. I am relieved, because it is sad, but true, that she is safer in jail than where she is right now. It is now out of my hands and into God’s. I hope I can remember that.

    • Wow – Jeanne, thank heavens for your paperwork! The courts are in your favor today! yeah! Yes, as sad as it sounds, jail is a safer place than where she is right now and not to mention a soon-to-be peace of mind for you. How lovely that will be. Hopefully they will find her today and start the process. We are hoping for the best. Keep us posted.

  4. Palmira Torres

    Happy New Year. Health, Love, Peace and Happiness to all.

  5. Jeanelayne

    Marchman Act .. setback. Court last Thurs. New attorney for my daughter and thus a very frustrating hearing. He asked for a continuance since they don’t know where she is. The issue to appear clearly stated that if she wasn’t present they would put an order out for her arrest. But like all other court cases we’ve been involved in within the past 4 years, she seems to be exempt from the rules. The “burden of proof” lies on me. I was asked to “cross examine” her sister, who was actually at DAF when she refused to go .. but every time I opened my mouth to ask a question I was bombarded with “objection .. hearsay”. I guess I don’t totally understand the meaning of “hearsay”. [What she was telling the judge was what the facilitator was actually telling her, not what she “heard” from a third party]. Much confusion. I left there thinking “What’s the point? Uncle! I give up.” But .. another hearing this Thursday. I have to find a way to prove that she is not at DAF as of Thurs. at 1:30. I think I have a plan. We shall see what happens. I decided that I will continue until she gets into detox or the judge dismisses the case. I want to believe that I did all I was asked to do. I will probably never understand how someone can fight for an addict’s right to kill themself, but I guess everyone has to have some kind of job. Do I sound bitter? I think I am. More will be revealed.

  6. Palmira Torres

    Hello everybody, hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season. That the New Year brings us love, peace and strength to keep on taking care of our grandchildren. I am recuperating from my surgery with the help and prayers of all my Angels on earth and my Angel in Heaven my husband Hector. Each and every day I feel stronger and determined to get back my health for my Grandson’s well being. Love, peace and happiness.

    • fran

      Dearest Palmira,

      Just want to share that your strength and determination is an inspiration to many of us. Your drive to beat this beast and greet each day as a new beginning reminds us that LIFE IS beautiful and that nothing or no one can rob us of this gift. You have been the best sister-in-law that anyone could ever ask for. I love you very much!


  7. Jeanelayne

    Reta .. It is good to see you on here ! Thank you for your comments. I totally agree with you that no addict/alcoholic will get well without the desire to do so. I know that my daughter has to WANT it .. not for me, not even for her kids .. but really deep down, heart level WANT it for herself in order to recover. I also know that I can’t “want” it for her. I know from my own experience in regard to fighting those demons that there were moments of clarity during my using years, and for a long time time I just closed my eyes to them. Until the day came that I couldn’t .. my bottom. It may happen to her in a jail cell, it may happen in treatment .. it may not happen at all. But she is so deep in her addiction right now that she is not capable of making any choices for herself . All I am trying to do is to offer her a chance to see things with a clear head and clear eyes and an opportunity to make some choices from that perspective. I believe that God asks her every day “whilst thou be healed” and she has not said “yes” as of yet. I don’t believe He will stop asking her .. and I want to believe that perhaps without the fog she is living in she may be able to take Him up on His offer. If she does not want that I will accept her decision. I will move on toward what I have to do for my granddaughter. I don’t want to do multiple detoxes, or treatments .. this is a one-time offer… its her Christmas present this year. I hope someday she can see that I did this FOR her and not TO her, but regardless of how she sees it I will be able to have some peace knowing that I did the only thing I knew to do. I can turn her over to her God knowing that she is in good hands. Back to court on Dec. 27 to determine whether she is in contempt and will report back then. Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Looking forward to seeing “my family” at our Jupiter Grands meeting soon !! Hugs to all.

  8. Jeanelayne

    Back to the courthouse again yesterday .. this time to file a “just cause” motion. This motion will determine if we will have a contempt hearing as my daughter is still dragging her feet on going to the detox. She has figured out that she can go down to DAF every morning and “sign in” to wait for a bed, but then conveniently leave and not be present when a bed is available. Slick move .. hence, the “just cause” motion. Yesterday morning I was ready to cry “uncle” and proceeded to have a mini-meltdown. Settled down and realized that since I told myself I will only do this one time, the right thing to do is to stay committed and follow thru to the next right thing. Nobody told me this would be easy .. simple maybe, but not easy. I want to be able to help the next person who tackles this project, and when I remember that this is not just about me and my daughter, but others who may need to know how this works, then I am able to look at it all differently. Hope this may help someone out there who is in the same situation .. I am guessing many of us ! More will be revealed.

    • Jean,
      You are helping everyone learn about this mind-boggling procedure. Thank you so much for writing and telling us about each step along the way. We can only hope for the best for you and your family and that your daughter will soon receive the proper care she deserves.

      • Reta Chisholm

        Jean, I know you are going through all of this out of LOVE for your daughter and grandchildren and I totally understand. But I learned years ago (with an alcholic husband) that you cannot MAKE someone get help!! They have to WANT to be helped. A detox center years ago told me that about my husband. (PS. He died an alcoholic.) My son-in-law went through 2 rehabs and came out of both with the same problems. The third one was a more religious one and helped him more to see the error of his ways. My daughter has never accepted responsibility for anything in her life ever!!! It has always been someone else’s fault??? She and her husband are now in a halfway house and she is supposedly going to NA and admitting she is an
        addict?? Not sure how true it is because my son-in-law still lies a lot. (part of the addict lifestyle). However, my point is….something in your daughter’s life will have to make her WANT the help and change. Many say that they have to hit rock bottom. That is different things for different people. For some it may be a near death experience. Some say it has to be a strong incentive; like loving and wanting your children back. (PS. That hasn’t worked for my daughter).

        My prayers and best wishes are with you in all your efforts!! Please put the grandchildren in first place and give them a Happy Christmas. They do not deserve their holiday to be spoiled!!! All my love, Reta (PS. Lets try to get together, call me)

  9. Palmira Torres

    There are no words to describe my appreciation and the affection that I have for the people that in my time of need have come forward and offered their help, a word of encouragement and their prayers. I cannot mention everybody’s name the list is too long. To my family, GRG Program, Helping Hands, The ARC, FHU, Cilo, Greenacres Community Center and my circle of friends I appreciate what you have done for me with love and affection in my heart. It takes a village to raise a child. It has taken a village to help me in my time of need. Bless you all.

  10. Jeanelayne

    Marchman Act saga continued .. My daughter’s sister took her to the Delray DAF office for her fee assessment yesterday. (She had til today at 5:15 to do this.) She was so messed up from her recent needle use that they decided she should be in a hospital or admitted to detox immediately. Received a text from the sister, cried, said a huge “thank you” to her and the facility and mostly to God. Finally !! … but NO. Now we start on the downhill part of this roller coaster ride we all are so familiar with. My daughter called her “husband” at which point he said “absolutely not today, you have til tomorrow 5:15 ..” – it is our anniversary, and he was waiting on a check that only she can sign, etc, etc. Soooo disappointing. Her sister left her there.We have no idea where she is today. Her phone died, I don’t have a number for her other half, and the facility can’t tell me anything because of the privacy laws. Here’s where we are now… I have to wait until Thurs or Fri to call the court and find out if they have heard anything. If she didn’t check in she is in contempt and I will have a “contempt hearing” in a week or two at which point they will send a sheriff to get her. She may end up detoxing in jail. My first reaction is to say, “oh well, I tried”. Then I take a deep breath and remember that like all the other battles we have fought for the past 4 years the answer is the same. Just do the next right thing. Take care of the things you can control, and let go and let God do the rest. Get spiritually centered. Eat, rest, pray .. and wait for direction. In the meantime I will try to live in the moment (the future seems too big and scary sometimes) play with my grandaughter, sing to her, laugh with her .. and like Palmira says: “dance, dance and dance” some more ! Wish you all a wonderful Christmas season. Hugs to all.

  11. Palmira Torres

    Hello everybody. I had my bilateral mastectomy on Fri. Nov. 30 wanted to go home the same day but they kept me for 2 days. My grandson and myself were taken care of by my sister-in-law Jenny and my friend Carol from the Senior Group at the Greenacres Community Center. My wish is to be strong enough to keep on fighting for my grandson’s stability and well being. We will not meet in December, but I will keep you posted. Thank you Jeanelayne for your prayers.

    • Jeanelayne

      Palmira, you are my hero! There are times that it seems that the road is too rocky, and the hills are too steep to climb .. but aren’t we all the lucky ones! Most times just to be able to look at my granddaughter in peaceful sleep, or to feel her arms around me becomes all the ammunition and strength I need to keep on trudging. What could be better medicine than that? Still praying for a speedy recovery, a joyous Christmas, and a healthy, peaceful New Year.

  12. Jeanelayne

    Had the second hearing for the Marchman Act I filed on my daughter. She has five days (calendar days, so by next Tues. 5 p.m.) to enroll in D.A.F. which is a treatment facility in Delray Beach. She has to bring paperwork to show income or lack thereof, identification, social security card, etc. She can’t find some of what she needs so she must get busy quickly to remedy that before next Tues. Then apparently we have to wait for a “bed to be open” in order for her to start the detox process. She is ordered for a minimum of 60 days once there is an opening, but the treatment center can keep her longer if they think it is necessary. She still says she is ready to surrender to the whole process but that changes on a daily/hourly basis, so only time will tell. It was hard to see her again today, with her eyes half closed, and needle marks on the back of both hands. It’s time for me to hand the whole thing over to God who I know is much wiser and has much broader shoulders than i have, to carry this load. It helps to know that “I am not alone” on this journey, but it hurts my heart for everyone else who is. I am grateful for the prayers and support of my GRands family! Let’s all remember prayers for Palmira as she goes through her operation tomorrow, as well as wishes for a miraculous, speedy recovery !!

  13. Palmira Torres

    Jeanelayne thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts and offer of help. I apreciate your kindness.

    • I just found this site while looking for a grandparents raising grandchildren support group. I live in Wellington and am currently going through the DCF process of home study, in order to be awarded my three grandchildren (ages 4, 8 and 10) who have been in foster care in another county for the past 16 months. Are there any functions around Wellington where families get together and do neat things? Any support groups that meet near Wellington?? Any info or words of encouragment will be greatly appreciated!

      • Thank you, Candace, for contacting the GRandS Program/Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Glad that you found us. The nearest location to you is our West Palm Beach GRG Group. The day workshops and support group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month from 10am to 1pm at 559 N. Military Trail. This is a brown-bag luncheon meeting. The evening workshop and support group meets the last Thursday every month from 6pm to 8pm at the same location. All educational workshops and support group meetings are FREE. We are taking a break during the month of December, and will resume in January 2013.

        In the meantime, please feel free to call us (Sue or Lisa) with any concerns or questions at 561-233-1742. Hope you will join the other grandparents and us in the new year! Best Wishes!

  14. Palmira Torres

    Thank you GRG Program Staff for your kind and loving words of encouragement. It means a lot to me. See you at the Nov. 28 meeting.

  15. Palmira Torres

    Hello everybody hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I had a quiet and peaceful day with my grandson. I am getting ready to undergo a third surgery this time a bilateral mastectomy on Nov. 30. It has not being an easy time for me and my grandson, but life is a journey that we have to travel to get there. When we look back and ahead at our journey we will remember the good times with love and happiness and confront the bad times with courage, strength and determination. Have a nice day, will keep you posted.

    • Palmira,
      Glad to hear you had a peaceful Thanksgiving with your grandson. We can only imagine the difficult journey you are traveling Palmira. Change is scary, especially when we are forced to change in ways that take us down a continuous, beaten path. We will be with you in thought on November 30. Your gift of strength, courage and determination is a positive transformation that gives us all hope and keeps us humble.

      Best of luck with loving, healing, positive energy surrounding you.
      The GRandS Program

    • Jeanelayne

      Sending prayers, positive thoughts and hugs out to you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Do you need any help with anything ?

  16. Jeanelayne

    Trudging through the Marchman Act …. My daughter had her Drug Assessment test yesterday. It was done in WPB, so somewhat local. Their recommendation is detox and in-house treatment (minimum of 60 days treatment for now). That may change depending on her progress in treatment, they can ask the court for more time if needed. My understanding is that we have another hearing coming up at which time the judge will address these recommendations and make a ruling. Her understanding is that they will take her as soon as they have a bed for her, regardless of when the next hearing is. More will be revealed …

    • Jeane, Thanks for keeping us and the other grandparents posted.

  17. Palmira Torres

    Commenting on Blog Topic: How Do You Manage Holiday Stress?
    #1 By being positive, not dwelling on the misfortunes that life dealt me.
    #2 Accepting with love in my heart the blessings that have come my way.
    #3 My 14 year old autistic grandson, family, support groups (GRG) (FHU) and my circle of friends are the ones that give me the strength to keep on fighting.
    Live, love and enjoy life. Dance, dance, dance and dance.

    • Palmira, WOW! You are such an inspiration to all of us! We are following you in a conga line and are behind you 100%.

  18. Angela Knowles

    Thank you all for the wonderful service you do on behalf of Grandparents & grandschildren. I think it’s a great work. Congratulations!

    • We appreciate your compliment so much, Angela! Thank you for coming to the workshops and following the GRandS program on the blog.

  19. Alexander V. Edomy in NY, NY

    I must say, this program should be duplicated nationally. And to all the people who coordinate and work behind the scenes, I salute you. Good Show!!! Good Show!!!


  21. Reta Chisholm

    Thank you for all you have done and are doing for us grandparents and grandchildren!!

    • Reta, Thank You! Your kind words mean so much to us!

  22. Jeanelayne

    Few more tidbits I found out today in re: Marchman Act fees, etc. The assessment fee is determined by the facility doing the assessment, apparently can vary. The detox and treatment facilities also vary the fees, although there are some who work on a sliding scale. My daughter will be responsible for those fees. She will have to prove indigence in order to qualify for that part of the program. Not too many hoops to jump through if you are homeless and have not worked for some time. Some facilities will defer the cost to her until she is in a half-way house and able to work, but in the end she is responsible for them. I say “thank you” to those who are “willing to help those who are willing to help themselves.” Somewhat more optimistic this morning .. think it has to do with getting a good night’s sleep last night. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

  23. Jeanelayne

    First hearing to determine if assessment will be done. She agreed to the assessment, and that is set for next Tues. There is a fee of $75.00 for that ! Wondering if there would have been a fee had she not agreed to the assessment and had to be court ordered to receive it ?? Don’t know where to find the answer to that question. Wondering now .. what if she agrees to go to detox and treatment, would she have to pay for that too? If so, that will definitely be a deal-breaker as she has no income. Hmmmm … need to do some more research here.

    • Jeanne, Thank God for you. A step in the right direction. Keep us up to date. We and the other grandparents are learning a lot from you. Great questions. Is it possible to ask the judge what the alternative could be if there is no money? Our prayers are with you. Thinking of you daily.

  24. Jeanelayne

    Marchman court appearance papers were served successfully to my daughter this morning. One more hurdle out of the way .. very emotional, but at this point I still believe it is a “win-win” situation. First court appearance is this Thursday afternoon at which time the judge will determine if she will be court ordered to a drug/alcohol “assessment”. If so she will have 5 days to do so. If she does NOT “do so” she will be in contempt of court and a sheriff will pick her up and take her to the sheriff’s office to be assessed. The judge will receive a copy of the assessment and recommendations and will make a ruling on detox, treatment, etc. From this point on her choices will determine how this will all happen, but not “if” it will happen. Will keep posting as we progress. I am learning more and more about the Marchman Act procedure (and outcome), and so will try to “share my experience, strength and hope” through this blog. I know that I am not the only one going thru this and it brings me comfort to know that. Hope this helps someone else too.

    • From the GRandS/GRG Program Staff,

      Saying thank you Jeanne doesn’t seem quite enough for reaching out and sharing your experience, strength and hope. Your blog is going to help so many other grandparents dealing with similar situations. Thank you for introducing the grandparents to the Marchman Act. We all are always there for you and with you. You are not alone. You are a shining beacon of courage, light and love for us all. Keep us posted on your progress.

  25. Tremendous emotional blog…Jeanelayne. I wish and pray for your strength. We were never promised easy, just that we would not be alone. May you be rewarded DOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLE!! Peace.

  26. Jeanelayne

    I filed a Marchman Act against you this week. Tomorrow you will be served an order to appear in court on Thursday. You will be angry – I will be relieved. People who are not familiar with the situation tell me how “hard that must have been.” No.
    What has been “hard” for the past 10 years, and this past year in particular is: Not hearing from you, not knowing if you are dead or alive, seeing you waste away to nothing, knowing that you are living in your car (while I climb into my warm bed at night), picturing you with a needle in your arm, overdosing by accident or design. Wondering who would call me to tell me that you didn’t make it through the night,knowing it wouldn’t be anyone you are with. Would it be a phone call, a policeman at the door? That’s what’s hard.
    Tomorrow you will be angry, you will feel betrayed. You will be confused, anxious, frustrated, afraid .. very afraid. You won’t know what will happen next. Believe me when I tell you that I know all those feelings. I have been living with them for years, on this roller coaster ride that I never purchased a ticket for. Neither did your children.
    I have tried every angle I know to try to turn the tide for you. I cajole, I yell, I cry (a lot). I give up, I try again. I watch you spiral toward death and I pray (a lot). The needles and the pills have taken your choices away. They are more powerful than me, your children, your full intentioned promises.
    And through all of this I must maintain some normalcy in front of the children. I try to provide stability, structure, shelter and love … lots of love, for these innocent souls who didn’t ask for this either. I try to answer questions that have no answers. And we pray .. a lot.
    And so, this is the last thing I know to do FOR you, (not TO you). I will beg the judge to give you one last chance. I will pray that you will make the most of what is being offered to you. Oh, how I will pray.

    For information on the Marchman Act:

  27. Palmira Torres

    Thank you GRG Program Staff and fellow members for your help and understanding of my situation.

  28. The blog is terrific and looks wonderful. What a great way to bring people together!

  29. Elaine Williams

    I’m so excited to see this blog. As a full-time working grandparent, I find it difficult to attend meetings and events, so this is perfect for me. I’ve never been on a blog before, so bear with me while I get up to speed.

  30. Ruth Walerstein

    Congratulations! Looks nice so far.

  31. Elaine Wielins

    Love Love Love the new blog!



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